Digitalization Check.

Use the digitization check to determine your company’s digital maturity. At the  end, download a white paper with concrete recommendations for digitalization in your company.

Determine your digital maturity level in just 7 minutes.

It is difficult to uncover and exploit digital potential in the company. With the help of the digitization check, 5 areas of your business processes are examined in more detail.

  1. IT Infrastructure
  2. Process
  3. Mindset

The digitalization check also looks at your ability to realize the digitization potential as well as your organizational prerequisites for managing processes and resources in the long term and implementing successful projects.

In this context, it will also be examined to what extent you are able to generate a correspondingly high level of benefit from the existing technological possibilities and to introduce and use new possibilities in a targeted manner.


Estimate your company's digital maturity. Then complete the questionnaire on the 5 areas of the company processes.


Then find out how digital your company really is and what type of digitization you are.


Download the free white paper with concrete recommendations for the digitization of your business areas and optimize your digitalization potential.

Digitalization Check
Digitalization Check
  • Introduction
  • IT Infrastructure
  • Process Evaluation
  • Digital Mindset
  • Summary
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