About Us

At INDAAQ, we fuel the industry with DATA

Un-maintained machines are the source of costly friction – which is the case in several companies worldwide whose economy relies on production and manufacturing.

INDAAQ is an industrial data acquisition and data warehouse solution that provides companies with feasible product and service to incorporate machine service automation. With INDAAQ, companies of all process types realize financial value while improving their machine life-cycle and efficiency. From estimation to delivery in a minimal time, our platform is designed and engineered to handle any challenge.

Our Mindset


We relentlessly push the edges of what’s possible in our pursuit of a better industrial ecosystem.


We understand that the fastest and most rewarding path to success is one that blends different talents, backgrounds and ideas.


We make customers heroes with their customers — with technology that offers true differentiation.


Every day, we are excited and inspired to give our customers a better tomorrow.

Our Team

Hemanth Mandapati Co-founder & CEO

Engineer, innovator, designer and something of a dreamer

Siddhartha Giri Co-founder & CTO

Curious data scientist with extensive industrial and research background

Dimitrij Lewin Co-founder & CFO

Organized, efficient, creative and a star of sales and management.

Recent updates

Update 1 - We are excited to work with Databroker as a partner to connect and share data with global community, for a productive today and a better tomorrow. 

Update 1 - INDAAQ official website made LIVE for reviews and comments. (reach me on +49-15255104007 whatsapp for comments)

Update 1 - Inception of Project INDAAQube*

Update 2 - First PROMO VIDEO uploaded for review.

*A standalone data acquisition system under development

Update 1 - INDAAQ team's first blogpost.

Update 1 - INDAAQ successfully submitted its application for EXIST-Gründerstipendium.

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