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Zero Process-hindrance

Initial data requirements are handled without disturbing the present working systems


Save time

Speedup your time to deployment by at least 20% at a very high model accuracy


Increase productivity

Improve the accuracy of the production through models with accurate data-types and data fusion methods

Highly scalable

Manage all you machine, tool and product analytics from one place


Complete access

Don't be withheld for changing or updating the models. Our solutions put you in the driver's seat

Secure and standardized

Infrastructure built on sovereign servers with secure data transfer protocols as the main focus.

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Begin Transformation

Consult with us to get acquainted with the present production trends, understand need for transformation, analyze the ways to increased productivity through efficiency.

At the same time, get a feel of our solutions to reduce your machine downtime, increase throughput and maximize the profits from your available infrastructure.

Now let us tell you a story

Only about 10 years ago, companies had a competitive edge based on the quantity and quality of production. And lots of companies lived happily. Not so long ago, this competitive edge shifted towards sustainability and efficiency-based productivity. Meaning – the way things are done needs to change, and to keep up with the competition, one need to change fast!

In this day and era, every machine is generating thousands of data points every second, all of which tell a story of what’s happened in the past, what’s happening now, and the most important underdog statement – what’s going to happen next.

We allow you to exploit our expertise starting from data-types and data acquisition methods, to implementing the first AI-made action in your factory.

To continue with the story, main reasons for failed / unattempted projects

Domain Expertise

Lack of knowledge to research, understand, implement and deploy a project has been the main drawback within the industry

Cost and time

The cost and time for development and management are considered really high when executed without prior experience

Value creation

Reinventing the wheel isn't a financially sound option. Attempts of several factories to build from the basics isn't viable option anymore

Create value

The competitive edge is created though the basic building block ‘data’, more importantly contextual data. Such data, in most cases, is not available directly from the machine / process. Implementation of additional sensor modules tis the key to acquiring such data.

INDAAQ provides a scalable solution through its in-house designed sensor modules, to acquire and pre-process the data in real-time at the source before transferring onto the cloud, helping quicken the critical operational decisions. The module is designed to collect the most prominent data-types from the machine, improving the quality of the data points.

Choose from our methods to give customers the complete flexibility over this step

Parallel System / Zero hindrance

Our unique parallel system method provides customers with zero-process hindrance during data acquisition. The process (without the need for proprietary data) is performed anonymously on a similar machine in our machine pool for data acquisition. Such data can directly be used at customer's end for developing and testing predictive models.

This method is recommended for one-time data needs and experimenting, as it requires no change in infrastructure.

On-site data acquisition

Our in-house designed sensor modules can be easily mounted onto any production machine for instantaneous data acquisition. Our automated data transformation engine transforms the machine data into standardized data formats to enable proven and consistent analytics and documentation.

The data is instantly and securely streamed to our cloud storage, which is integrated with web-application for further processing, or directly to customer's servers over ethernet or Wi-Fi.

Visualize the change

Connect the collected data securely and directly to our cloud to instantaneously visualize the data, set thresholds and make informed decisions out right. Our integrated web-application puts the customer in the driver’s seat, to control the frequency of data collection, set data rate standards, and visualize data in several standardized & convenient forms. It also enables customers to export machine and tool performance data reports, and product QA reports directly from available data. 

Machine Health visualization in real time

Tool ware visualization by process cycles

Optimize your factory

‘Waltz with data’ – plan your process’s every move, act and actuation through informative decisions from data and optimize them instantaneously. Predictive models with data can help plan for failures or avoid them completely in the first place.

Training systems for performing trusted decisions would limit human error, and increase the response time by more than 90%. Moreover, system optimization is proposed to increase the productivity by about 8% in a generic process on an average. 

Flank ware analytics for classification model

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The idea of establishing a data warehouse will benefit from Germany’s cutting edge production technology creating massive production market and it will, at the same time, make Germany a potential hub of industrial data sharing. There is a wide spectrum of possibilities for INDAAQ to contribute to the running research projects like ZDIN, IIP-Ecosphere and Qualification initiatives HAISEM-Lab, KI-Trainer working on the ideas of expanding an ecosystem for intelligent industrial production. 

Dr. Sergej Zerr

L3S Forschungszentrum, Hannover

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Ph: +49-1623 040290

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Here for you.

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